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Nirvana by Installments is an epic 10,000 kilometre adventure across India that began with the theft of the author’s identity and travel documents on his first day in Delhi. A personal travelogue that is at once humorous and insightful, the reader is taken on an inner and outer journey beset with unintended challenges. Despite his minuscule mountaineering gear and experience, he treks up the frozen heights of the Himalayas across the Throng-La summit at 18,000 feet. He meets the Dalai Lama. He is the first Westerner to stay with the remote tribal Singpho of Assam, accompanied by an army escort in the midst of a civil war. The goal of his journey is a three-week retreat to one of the holiest sites of southern India, Mount Arunachala. There he experiences a transformation that is at the spiritual centre of all great journeys. Read some excerpts.

What Readers are Saying

"Can't stop reading! …brilliantly witty and engaging: satire, truth, and everything in between — this reads like a real-life 'Lost in Translation'." ~ Maria D'Aria
"Nirvana made me laugh out loud from the first chapter, where Richard is liberated of his valued Western possessions, through to his search for enlightenment on a mountain. I was transported through a journey of enjoyment and divine transcendence. Thank you for tucking me in your dusty, pad-locked backpack." ~ Odete Pinho

A Note from Richard

I never planned to write a book. What started as a collection of emails languished on my hard drive, until friends began to ask when the book was coming out. These emails were the result of a six-month epic voyage through India that started out badly.
A total loss of all worldly possessions necessary for international travel were artfully lifted from my sleeping person by a nimble-fingered Indian thief in New Delhi.

I was stunned by this unfortunate mishap, but my friends were amused. As I zigzagged across India, I found myself in strange and often delightful situations. Friends encouraged me to write more about my escapades, and so began a series of emails that became “installments” of my epic journey. From the ridiculous emerged the sublime: a three-week odyssey into the spiritual heart of Southern India at Mount Arunachala is perhaps where I achieved “nirvana”. Read the book to find out.

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